Pro-Choicers Can Learn from Gays & Potheads

ReproSome-People-Are-GayThe gay movement has been successful in gaining acceptance by coming out. Every family I know has at least one gay member, so no big deal.

Repro_Pot_LeaglNow, pot smokers will do the same. As more people admit to smoking pot, like NYT editor Andrew Rosenthal, it will be no big deal for marijuana to become legal.

The pro-choice movement needs to take a lesson. As long as women allow society to make us hide our choices, we cannot help society embrace our ‘normal.’   Over one million abortions were performed in the United States in 2011. One million women who made this difficult, often devastating, decision are forced to keep it a secret for fear of being judged.reproductive_rights

Over 90% of American women use birth control at some point in their lives. This includes women of all religions and ethnicities, no matter what their marital status.

Yet women are allowing men to make the laws and set the standards for our sexual behavior. Regulators have a fantasy that all single women are virginal and no ‘good’ woman would have sexual relations with any man other than their husband.

It’s time women – all women – opened up about the reality of our lives. We like sex. We use birth controls. In some emergency situations, we have abortions. This is all normal in our lives. And the more we treat it as normal, the more society will accept as such.

If we continue to view our needs and desires from the perspective of a sexually stigmatized man, we will never have full authority over own bodies. We need to speak out.

Say it with me:

I like sex as much as any man.
I use birth control because I do not want to get pregnant.
I had an abortion, and it was the right decision for me.

Say it like it’s no big deal, and maybe soon, it won’t be.